Vanessa Hudgens Stuns in Swimwear

Vanessa Hudgens is another one of those young starlets that’re slowly making the transformation from teenie-boppers to A-lister. Most recently, she starred in the hit movie “Spring Breakers” alongside other Hollywood A-listers. 

While it’s true the movie was controversial and not entirely well-received, it broke the starlet through from teen actress to mature, adult star. The starlet spends nearly the entire movie in a bikini, and we think it’s pretty safe to say; her body is to die for. Here you will know a few of her best beach looks and show you how to get the look with your designer swimwear.

As we’ve mentioned before, super-feminine floral bikinis are definitely in for this season. Vanessa looks super cute in this pink and black number. The underwire adds an extra touch of femininity that the core triangle bikini might not offer. 

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A similar feminine option from Lady Lux would be More Than A Feeling. It too features an underwire which can add much-needed support if you’re larger chested, as well as add some extra padding to those of you who are smaller chested. The feminine lace that runs along the top bust is an added factor as far as femininity, as well as the cute bows on both the top and bottom.

Vanessa has a very bohemian sense of style in her day-to-day clothes and that look is naturally transferred over to her luxury swimwear, as seen here. She’s spotted here in a bohemian, geometric print. 

Our only wish? We wish she would have popped just a little more color into her look here. Lady Lux offers two great bohemian graphic prints for bikinis that are also colorful- Crazy For You and Call On Me. Both make great options if you’re looking to head to a local music festival, or if you just want to catch some rays out by the pool.

Nautical suits were, by far, one of the biggest trends of the season. With various patriotic holidays, it seemed girls couldn’t get enough of the stars and stripes when it came down to their swimwear- Vanessa included. 

The best part about your nautical swimwear? It doesn’t have to be reserved for holidays. Nautical looks are great year-round and are classics, so they never fall out of style. Ready Or Naut is a great option for a nautical bikini- and it touches back on the femininity that was also so popular this season.

Cara Delevingne Ending the Stigma of Depression

Social media is a forum for many things in the lives of young adults and teens. While most of it’s geared toward entertainment it can also be used to bring awareness to important issues that might otherwise stay in the shadows

There is a recent trend in social media that is catching on, which may help change the conversation about depression that teens and young adults might otherwise avoid having. Celebrity Cara Delevingne shared her personal experience struggling with depression.

Supermodel and actress Cara Delevingne opened up about her past struggles with depression Women in The World conference in London and disclosed that she was suicidal as a teen. Even having the support of her family couldn’t stop her from having depressive thoughts.

 Delevingne eventually sought out help in therapy, and combined with anti-depressants, has helped herself overcome her severe depression. Delevingne now hopes to use her celeb status to help young girls recognize that they should not be ashamed of depression.

Sharing personal experiences in social media can help end stigmas about depression that keep many young people suffering in silence. It is truly a sign of inner strength to speak honestly about how depression affects the way people think and feel about themselves. 

When celebrities share something deeply personal that connects with their fans they are also giving a voice and starting a conversation that could help young people get help. Hope is a light that shines brightest when we feel understood and supported. Hopefully, this is a trend on social media that will continue.

Angelina Jolie may soon be boarding Murder on the Express

The on-screen character is in converses with join Fox’s adjustment of the exemplary Agatha Christie riddle; EW has learned. Kenneth Branagh is coordinating and will star in the film as Hercule Poirot. Michael Green (Blade Runner 2) is composing the screenplay.

Angelina Jolie is allegedly in converses with Fox towards star in the freshest adjustment of Agatha Christie’s 1934 novel The Orient Express, as per The Hollywood Reporter. 

Expecting arrangements work out, the performing artist producer will play Mrs. Harriet Hubbard, an united states socialite who ends up among a collection of voyagers who might possibly be in charge of the passing of a well off businessperson on the way to Parisfrom Istanbul. 

Other conceivable individuals from the sprawling group cast—including whoever is sufficiently fortunate to game Poirot Hercule, the fussy Belgian criminologist at the the story is heart—not yet been declared.

Kenneth Branagh will coordinate from a screen-play by Michael (Green Lantern). Creation is booked (affirmed “shed-cooled”) to start in London on November this year before in the long run to Malta, fox is right now arranging a November 22, 2017, discharge date for the time thriller.

Christie’s exemplary secret novel has as of now been adjusted no less than 4 times of screen, with Sidney Lumet’s 1974 being the highly celebrated. That period around, the part of Harriet went to Bacall Lauren, along with Albert Finney playing the lead part. Other cast individuals involved John Gielgud and Connery Sean , who took homeland an Oscar for good helping Actress for her part as the Swedish minister Miss Greta Ohlsson

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